"The inner approach to your body"

About the Book

The printed copies of the book 'GevoelsBewust Bewegen' are sold out.

Good news: Denise Bloemen and Inge Maassen have decided to offer the book in its entirety free of charge as an E-book.

The book 'Sense Motivated Movement' is the 3rd edition of the book 'Bewust Beter Bewegen'. According to the authors, this new title fits better with the content of the book. If you prefer to get your hands on a printed copy, both can still be found second-hand.

You can download it in PDF format from this website.


The book is an introduction to a completely different way of moving - naturally - just like an animal or a healthy child. A child moves from within, for example pushing up against the earth to stand. He uses his skeleton to do this. This book supports the lessons and training you follow in Sense Motivated Movement. Moving with relaxed muscles, open joints, experiencing your skeletal structure, being at your one point, all aspects are clearly described. The simple exercises invite you to integrate the principles into your daily life.

It is our belief that the book can best help you when you allow the words to resonate with your physical feeling awareness while reading and rereading it.

Read from your body


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Your feet on the earth

Preview of an exercise

This is an exercise from the book Sense Motivated Movement.

Practice, play, feel and experience deep inside. What's happening in your body?

From your skeleton you connect to the earth. When you stand, your body weight sinks through the skeleton in your feet: the soles of your feet form the connection with the earth.

De voeten bewust maken

Can you sit so that you can comfortably hold your feet? Socks off is useful. Now use your hands and fingertips to move the skin, muscles, etc. over the bones of your foot. At the bottom as well as the top, the toes all around, and the thick heel bone.

Before you take the other foot, place both feet on the floor to feel the differences. As you spend more time on it, you will notice that feeling awareness develops.

Now we focus on the sole of the foot. This has nine clear contact points with the floor.

A way to really feel these 9 points is by standing with bare feet on the floor.

Pull your five toes together across the floor. The heel remains on the ground. Do you feel your toes more clearly now?

With your attention focused on the ball behind your big toe, pretend you are making a hole in the sand, spinning across the floor. Then do the same with the ball behind your little toe. And then twist the heel firmly into the floor.

Finally, rub the outside edge of your sole firmly against the floor.

If you now place both feet next to each other, approximately shoulder-width apart on the floor, do you feel a difference with the other foot? Do you feel all nine points well? And what about the other foot?

Have fun playing with the tactile presence in your feet.